Below the photos is a text for how to install the toilet. If you are unsure how to install the toilet let a plumber do the installation.

Read the instruction thoroughly before starting the installation. If you are unsure of how to install the toilet let a professional plumber do the installation.

 Tools needed: (not provided)

  1. Tape measurer

  2. Flat screwdriver

  3. Carpenter’s lever

  4. Adjustable wrench

  5. Protective goggles

 Additional items needed: (not provided)

  1. Bowl wax ring

  2. Closet flange mounting bolts (recommended 2 T-bolts, 2 metal washers and 2 nuts)

  3. Bolt caps

  4. Water supply line. The toilet is taller than regular toilets so the water supply line may need to be replaced with a longer one.

Before installing the new Water Drop toilet make sure the distance from the back wall to the toilet flange is 12” or more. If it has not been done previously, turn off the water line and remove the existing toilet.

 1 Remove the old wax seal from the toilet flange and floor bolts (T-bolts). Save the plastic bolt covers If necessary, install new T-bots into the slots of the toilet flange. The floor bolts should point straight up.

 2 Place the new wax ring centered onto the toilet flange between the floor bolts.

 3 Lift and position the toilet bowl over the toilet flange so the floor bolts fit through the holes in the foot of the toilet. Press down on the toilet bowl to compress the wax ring. When this is done, do not move the toilet as it breaks the wax seal. Attach washers and nuts to the floor bolts and tighten with an adjustable wrench until snug. Do not over-tighten as the vitreous china could crack. Attach bolt caps.

 4 Place the gasket on the outside over the flush valve nut. Set the tank right-side up onto the bowl, centering the large gasket over the large water inlet in the bowl. 

 5 Shift the tank gently until tank bolt holes are aligned over the bolt holes in the toilet. Ensure the gasket is still in place. Place rubber washer onto tank bolts, then insert the bolts down through the holes of the toilet bowl. On the outside of the toilet attach washers and nuts to the bolts and tighten firmly. Be careful not to bend the plastic bolts or over-tighten as it might crack the vitreous china or break the bolts, washers or nuts.

 6 Fasten the trip lever with the nut inside the tank. Connect the chain to the trip lever. 

 7 Connect the water supply line to the fill valve at the bottom of the tank. Tighten the connector finger tight. Using a wrench could damage the connector.

 8 No fill valve adjustments are needed.

 9 Place tank lid on top of the tank.

 10 Attach the rubber stopper to the seat holes, screw down the hinge holders and slide on the metal covers. Snap the toilet seat on the toilet. Turn on the water line and flush toilet several times, checking for leaks. If toilet leaks identify where and re-do appropriate steps of installation.