Form and function - the unique small tank

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Welcome to Pacific Toilets! We manufacture and sell High Efficiency Toilets (HET) under the brand name The Water Drop.

The round Water Drop uses 1.28 gallons per flush. The tank is 10 inches tall with the lid on. For measurement details see the section The Water Drop Toilet. This is a regular water flushing toilet that can be used wherever there is a need for a small footprint but still a higher seat height and a regular 12” rough-in. The toilet fits well under extension shelves (banjos), in apartments, condos or bathroom remodels or where the user wants something compact and effective that works!

Toilets contribute largely to indoor water consumption, we bring you a water efficient option that is worth every penny.

A toilet manufactured to 1992 standards uses 1.6 gallons per flush of water, and the average flusher uses about 9.1 gallons of water daily. In comparison to this, our toilets use up only 1.28 gallons per flush, thus helping you conserve water. With our cost effective solution, you end up flushing less water and money down the drain.

Pacific Toilets is a member of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and sell toilets approved by IAPMO for ultimate performance and efficiency. Based in Pasadena, California, we cater to retailers, trade show goers, and wholesalers nationwide.